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SMILOGY 微笑地球 – Brand Philosophy


The simplest attempt to shorten our distance with one another, is a friendly smile. 

A smile represents friendliness, understanding, and care, which is the attitude we wish to adopt towards Mother Earth.


By consciously choosing eco-friendly, harmless products, Smilogy hopes that people will develop deeper concern regarding the issue of sustainability. 

Living in a globalized and highly developed society, we are using massive amount of plastic and harmful products which results in severe damage to our environment. 

Being "environmental friendly" is still considered a distant, and difficult lifestyle for the majority.


In fact, with the rapid progress of technological development, using natural material in manufacturing life necessities is now becoming a popular option. Eco-friendly products nowadays are durable, and affordable.

If we are offered a better option, why not start with a simple item like a drinking cup. Using products that are made with eco-friendly materials, not only will enhance our awareness, the current situation the Earth is enduring can be improved as well.


Let's give the Mother Earth our sincerest smile! And hopefully we shall see her smile back to us in the near future.