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About Zuperzozial
Zuperzozial, from the Netherlands, designs and produces elegant, Eco-friendly tableware. Products are based on bamboo fiber and corn-starch, can withstand hot temperature up to 70-80 degrees, and short-term exposure to boiling liquids
Eco-friendly material
It is a common stereotype that environmental-friendly products tend to be less trendy, Zuperzozial undermined this reputation by using elegant color tones and stylish designs. 
Zuperzozial products are both durable and bio-degradable, therefore potential hazard to the environment is reduced to the minimum if discarded. 
When the product comes in contact with enzyme, decomposition process will start and takes 12-24 months depending on the size of the product. 
Zuperzozial has an "EU Food Safe Certificate" (Europe) and "FDA Food Safe Certificate" (USA). Possible migration of melamine and formaldehyde is in accordance with EU laws and regulations. This is reflected in the new stringent European REACH report which is being tested for 151 "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC). The product passed it successfully. 

【Usage Notice】


● The material is as strong as ceramic or melamine, however if it falls from high places or is applied with certain force, a chip or crack may occur. 

● Withstands hot temperature up to 70-80 degrees, and short-term exposure (1/2 -1 hour) to boiling liquids.

● Products are dishwasher safe, however please avoid usage in microwave-oven, electric cooker, (steam) oven or grill. 

●Products are made with natural materials which all behave differently during production, therefore dots, mottles, color differences occur and make each item unique.

● It is recommended to clean the products immediately with gentle materials after use of strong colors or flavors such as coffee, curry, soup, etc. to avoid discoloration.